Interior Painting

We provide full service interior painting. We do complete drywall work and patching. We are very skilled in faux painting of all types. We always apply two coats to everything to ensure adequate coverage. We do doors, cabinets, and trim with semi gloss and usually with oil base. We can also install new baseboards if you like.

4 Steps Interior House Painting:

1. The primary purpose of painting the interior is to provide an esthetic atmosphere for those living in the home.

2. Research has proven that color influences the behavior and well-being of people. Jacob Andrew Painting provides all customers with specific advice on color.

3. Many people are choosing darker colors for dining rooms, bedrooms, bonus rooms as a way of making a statement of their unique preferences rather than neutral traditional colors that would enhance resale value.

4. Often the entire house does not need repainting. Jacob Andrew Painting tries to save you money in areas that do not need repainting. Sometimes doors can be cleaned up or ceilings may not require attention.

We can advise you on what type of paint to use on various surfaces and which brands are more cost effective for your specific project. To find out more Contact Us.