Exterior Painting

We are a full-service exterior painting contractor. We power wash the house to get any loose particles or dirt off to ensure adequate adhesion. We then patch all the stucco, wood, and fill all tracks. We seal all windows, sand any loose or peeling paint and prime all raw surfaces. We apply two coats of paint to everything to ensure adequate coverage. We can also replace facia and trim boards if needed.

5 Steps To Exterior House Painting:

1. Prevents termite infestation inside the wood. Your house is important to you and we want to preserve it.

2. Prevents the sun from drying out the wood and blocks moisture.

3. Exteriors should be painted every five years, especially areas exposed to sun and rain.

4. We scrape areas to remove any loose, blistered, or peeling paint. Spot prime any exposed raw wood as needed. Caulk around windows & joints where necessary.

5. I have accounts at every paint store in San Diego but if… you use a brand of paint like BEHR, they will guarantee the paint for the life of the house.

We can advise you on what type of paint to use on various surfaces and which brands are more
cost effective for your specific project. To find out more Contact Us.